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The Importance of Market Segmentation
What is Market Segmentation? And how it can helps in my marketing efforts? Market Segmentation, by definition, is a Houston SEO marketing strategy of sub-dividing a broad market into identifiable smaller group of consumers who share a common need and characteristics, and will respond similarly to a marketing action. By focusing your attention and efforts on this targeted segment of the broad market, it allows you to be able to design your product or service to better match the needs and desires of your prospects, and also to plan out a more effective marketing campaign that can better reach out to your targeted audience. Factors to consider when Assessing your selected Segmented Market (1) Identifiability Your targeted market segment should be identifiable and has a clear definition to identify your potential customer profile, so as to avoid any possible ambiguity and confusions. The segment as a whole should be behaving homogeneously, and respond si…